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Local Mycological Societies
Cascade Mycological Society, Eugene, OR
Oregon Mycological Society, Portland, OR
Willamette Valley Mushroom Society, Salem, OR
Central Oregon Mushroom Club, Bend, OR
Lincoln County Mycological Society, Otter Rock, OR
Puget Sound Mycological Society, Seattle, WA
South Vancouver Island Mycological Society, Victoria, BC
British Columbia Truffling Society, Kelowna, BC
Sonoma County Mycological Society, Santa Rosa, CA
The Mycological Society of San Francisco, of same...
Western Montana Mycological Association, Missoula, MT
North American Mycological Association (NAMA)
NAMA Index of American Mycological Societies - Find your local organization!

Truffle Dog Training
NATS offer periodic truffle dog training seminars, contact Marilyn Hinds if you are interested. Below are links to full-time truffle dog trainers, in no particular order:
The Truffle Dog Company in Seattle teams with other local trainers and has online courses.
Pacific Truffle Dogs offers truffle dog training courses in the Portland area.
Umami Truffle Dogs offers truffle dog training courses in Veneta, west of Eugene.
NW Truffle Dogs offers truffle dog training courses in the Portland area.
Trifecta Training offers truffle dog training courses in the Eugene area.
Pasqual Sricco offers truffle dog training courses in New Jersey, and sells truffle dog training videotapes.

Mycological Consulting & Inoculum
MycoRoots - Mycorrhizal assessments of inoculated trees & other plants.
Mycorrhizal Applications - Inoculum for home, garden, and nursery.
Northwest Mycological Consultants - Spawn for growing shiitake, maitake, oyster, and other gourmet edibles.

Truffle Farming
There are a number of businesses that sell trees inoculated with truffle mycorrhiza that can easily be found on the internet. It is a good idea to get sample trees assessed for root colonization by an independent lab (such as MycoRoots) before making a larger investment.
Adopt a Truffle Tree in France - special rates for NATS members!
Truffle Farms Europe offers opportunities to invest in truffle plantations in France.

Mycological Tours
Shirewood Farms in Cottage Grove, OR, offers certified organic truffle hunting.
Tibetan Mushroom Tours
Bavarian Alps Mushroom Tours
Mexican Mushroom Tours
Vancouver Island Nature Exploration
Alba Italy truffle region Tours
Love Umbria Tours: Truffle hunting, food and wine tours in Umbria, Italy.

Truffle Retailers
MycoLogical Natural Products
The Wine and Truffle Co.
Gourmet Foodstore
Earthy Delights
Marky's Caviar
Black Star Gourmet
Casa Truffle

Fungal Paraphenalia
Just Mushroom Stuff carries a wide variety of fungal-related books, gifts, and other stuff. Free shipping!

Truffle Recipes
The Mycological Society of San Francisco
The Cottage Kitchen
Truffes-de-Provence, with notes about storage
The Truffle Zone

Fungi in the Media
FUNGI: the magazine
"An Oregon Garden Guide to Truffles" by Dave Pilz and Mike Bondi of OSU.
A Forbes Magazine article about Oregon white truffles.
An American Way magazine article describing a NATS truffle foray and featuring NATS members Adrian Beyerle and Larry Schramm.
The Bon Apetite Magazine article "The Great Oregon Truffle Hunt" about Oregon white truffles, with recipes.
A Washington Post article, "Smells like $500" about growing black Perigord truffles in North Carolina.
An "America's Heartland" episode about truffle farming and hunting truffles with a dog, including a video.
A Guardian article about hunting Italian White Truffles near Alba.
An article in The Street Magazine called "Unearthing the Truffle" that features some NATS members.
A Seattle Times article about truffle hunting near Olympia, WA.
An article in Cottage Grove Sentinal about truffle hunting at Shirewood Farms.
"Coveted, French, and now in Tennessee", an article in the New York Times about a truffle farm in Tennessee.
An article in Nature Conservancy Magazine on a new species of Tuber recently discovered in southern Oregon by NATS member and mycologist Jonathan Frank.
A Salon Magazine piece on OSU alum Tom Michaels' truffle farm in Tennessee.
Truffle Hunting with Titeuf the dog, with a short video clip and info on French Perigord truffle hunting tours.
Dogs help truffle hunters find the ripest, most valuable specimens, an Oregonian piece featuring Jean Rand and Gusto.
"How low can they go?", an Oregonian article about truffle poaching.
"Unearthing the Sex Secrets of the Périgord Black Truffle", a New York Times article about the biochemistry behind truffle scents.
The Corvallis Gazette-Times story on NATS' first truffle dog training session.

Mycological Information Sites
The North American Tuber Project at Duke University has the latest information on Tuber evolution and biodiversity.
Rogers Mushrooms is a very comprehensive site with excellent photos, keys, recipes, and much more!
The Illinois Mycological Society has a glossary of terms and mycological historical info.
The Mushroom Expert Page has lots of general and technical info.
Check Tom Volk's Mushroom Page for the "Fungus of the Month" and other surprises.
Mushroom: The Journal of Wild Mushrooming is a fine publication for both amateurs and professionals.
The Pacific Northwest Mycology Research Team page has a photo gallery of Pacific Northwest fungi.
Here is an international truffle links page from the Netherlands with links to European truffling groups and many international sites.
Download the 2006 PowerPoint slideshow "Truffles in Context: Where on Earth do truffles fit in?" (15MB).
Tom Bruns' Famous Mycologists Page. See anyone you know? Or at least recognize from the Post Office wall...
Here are brief historic accounts of prominent Oregon mycologists.
Here is a mushroom identification and information page for the U.K.
Download the 2010 PowerPoint slideshow "Shaking the fungal tree of life: Exploring relationships between truffles and mushrooms" (21MB).
Improved resolution of major clades within Tuber and taxonomy of species within the Tuber gibbosum complex scientific article by Trappe, Bonito, and Rawlinson.
Oregon Culinary Truffles: An Emergent Industry for Forestry and Agriculture, an analysis and overview by Dave Pilz, Charles Lefevre, Leslie Scott, and James Julian

Pecan Truffles
The University of Georgia website has a wealth of information about Pecan truffles.
Click here for a story about Pecan truffles from the Hilton Head Island-Bluffton Island Packet.
Click here for a story about Pecan truffles from the New York Times.

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